Join us this Sunday for all your Super Bowl needs. This Weekend we will be having a one-time Special Sunday Market, in lieu of the regular Saturday Market. The market will feature live music by Frank Critelli and a kid’s art activity led by Ecoworks, in addition to vendor favorites selling some of the freshest and tastiest local foods around! Get the most out of your Super Bowl Sunday and shop the market for the perfect game day dish ingredients and more!


Shop smart and get ingredients for a Super Bowl spread that will leave your guests cheering! Check out the quick guide below for dish suggestions and market recommendations. 
Sliders —You can never go wrong with sliders! Sliders pack a whole lot of flavor into just a couple of bites!
Try filling your sliders with steak from Four Mile River Farm, mushrooms from Seacoast Mushrooms (“Pulled” Maitake BBQ Sliders), roasted veggies, etc.
Serve with pickles from Jane’s Good FoodSpicy Oven Baked Fries
Crudités & Canapés –-fancy words for dipping veggies and finger foods
 are a staple at social gatherings because of how convenient and tasty they are.
Crunchy fresh carrots and radishes make greats chips for dips! Fresh local veggies from farmers like Riverbank FarmWaldingfield Farm, and Gentle Giant Farm deserve to be topped with hummus and dips from Sanctuary Kitchen.
Serve up some bagel chip canapés using bagels from Deke’s Bagels and Sankow’s Beaver Brook Farm‘s gold medal winning Feta Pesto (Big E cheese contest 2018)
Heartier Options —Often times at a Super Bowl get-together there are a couple small bites accompanying some larger and more substantial menu item. Stews and Chillies make delicious menu items that also serve a function in comforting guests coming in from the cold and fans of the wrong team when the game starts going sideways.
Truelove Farms makes a chili using their hormone and antibiotic free, grass-fed beef.
Sankow’s Beaver Brook Farm has a new Traditional Farm Beef Stew.
Here are a couple of recipes to try this Sunday using ingredients from the market:
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