Socially Distanced Farmers Market Do’s and Don’ts


We are so glad to be able to operate our walk-through socially distanced Farmers Markets and are grateful for all the support from vendors and customers over the past months. We hope that having a walk-through day-of shopping model will provide more access to our farmers and vendors and to fresh local food.  Although we know the markets won’t be the social gathering places they were during the pre-pandemic days, we are looking forward to seeing you all on-foot at our socially distanced Farmers Markets!

To continue to provide a safe shopping environment we are asking that market participants adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Everyone must wear a face mask or face-covering at all times.
  • Please sign-up for a time slot to attend the first opening hours of the market.
  • If you are walking in without a reservation please look up walk-in market hours.
  • Solo shopping – please send only one person to the market to shop.
  • Please do not linger or socialize or plan to meet others in groups.
  • Do not bring pets to the market.
  • Shop efficiently and leave the market space in a timely fashion, to allow others to access the market.
  • Maintain 6ft  distance from others.
  • Customers should not touch any orders or items that they are not purchasing.
  • Follow the designated traffic pattern and line indicators.
  • Pre-order and pay in advance as much as possible.
  • Please follow good hygiene practices per the CDC
    • Clean your hands often
    • Avoid close contact
    • Cover coughs and sneezes
    • Cover your mouth and nose with an appropriate face mask
    • Clean and disinfect surfaces often
  • If you are sick (fever, cough, respiratory issues, cold symptoms), please do not attend the market!