How to use CitySeed’s Incentive Programs

CitySeed is committed to making fresh local food accessible to all community members. At our markets, customers are able to buy healthy CT grown produce with their SNAP/EBT benefits, WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) checks, and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) checks. Not only do we accept these forms of payment at the market, but we also DOUBLE your benefits to ensure that you are getting double the bang for your SNAP and FMNP bucks.


How to DOUBLE your SNAP:

Visit the CitySeed tent to purchase tokens. Use tokens to shop. Tokens spent on fruits and vegetables will be doubled in value. The same tokens will be used for all SNAP purchases.

The token values are as follows:


SNAP tokens are worth $1 for bread, dairy, eggs, honey, & meat


SNAP tokens are worth $2 for fruit and vegetables




SFMNP and FMNP Checks are good for fruits, vegetables, and honey. All checks are doubled while funding lasts. Bring your checks with you to each farmer’s tent. You can give your checks directly to the farmer. No need to stop by the CitySeed tent.


Interested in applying for SNAP?

You can apply for these benefits by completing a state application form. This form can be done online, mailed, or dropped off at a local DSS Regional Office. Once the form is complete, an eligibility worker will interview you to continue the application process. Start the application process here.