July 18, 2017

Help Our Seniors Access Fresh, Local Food

Keep the Mobile Market Traveling to New Haven Neighborhoods That Need It Most!

Each year, eligible seniors in New Haven and across Connecticut receive $18 in coupons that they can use at farmers’ markets.
Last year, seniors used these coupons to get nearly $5,000 worth of fresh fruits and vegetables at CitySeed’s Mobile Market,
operated in partnership with Common Ground.

We recently got word that the State of CT has cut all funding for the Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program for this summer.
We’d love your help to continue to get fresh, local food to seniors in our community.

Two things you can do:
– Call your legislator or fill out a postcard to your legislator at one of our Markets, asking them to restore funding
for the Senior Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program.
– Make a donation of $18 — or whatever you can give — so that CitySeed and Common Ground can continue to offer
coupons to seniors in our city until state funding is restored.
CitySeed & our local senior residents thank you for your help!