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Since its founding in 2017, Sanctuary Kitchen has provided high-volume catering to a variety of clients, including family celebrations, corporate offices, and universities.

Consider Sanctuary Kitchen for all your catering needs, including: brunch, luncheons, dinners, parties, showers, corporate meetings, seminars and conferences, and other special events.

We accommodate orders between 10-200 people, special dietary requests (vegan, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, etc.), along with customizable menus.

A La Carte Catering Menu

Prices are per person. 10 person minimum. A wide selection of desserts are available upon request.

Hummus Chickpea & sesame dip. (Vegan, GF) $4.00
Muhammara Roasted red pepper, bulgur, walnut and pomegranate spread. (Vegan) $4.50
Yalanji Grape leaves filled with rice, tomato & parsley. (Vegan, GF) $4.50
Fatayer Savory Pastries filled with ground beef, spinach or cheese. $4.50
Salata Shawander Arugula or spinach greens, sliced beets,green apple, cucumber, red onion, pomegranate,lemon dressing (Vegan, GF) $5.00
Arabic Chopped Salad Tomato, cucumber, Red Onion, Parsley Mint, Lemon dressing (Vegan, GF) $4.50
Naan Fresh handmade flatbread. (Vegan) $3.50
Shor Nakhod Chickpea & potato salad with cilantro mint chutney. (Vegan, GF). $4.00
Cilantro Mint Chutney Tomatillo, jalapeno, green pepperand lemon chutney (Vegan, Nuts) $2.50
Lahm bil Ajeem Flatbread topped with minced lamb. $7.00
Salata Lahana A cabbage and herb salad with a honey-lemon vinaigrette. (Vegan, GF) $3.50
Salata Zabadi Cucumber, mint & yogurt salad(V, GF) $4.00
Kabsa Golden spiced rice, chicken & nuts. (GF) $8.00
Mahshi Assorted vegetables filled with rice, tomato & parsley, & cooked in tomato broth. (Vegan, GF) $8.00
Ful Mudammes Fava bean stew with tomatoes, tahini, and fresh herbs. (V, GF) $7.00
Maqlouba Spiced rice, eggplant, peppers, tomato,Almonds, lamb (Nuts, GF) $9.00
Narenj Palau Chicken & Basmati rice simmered with dried orange, topped with almonds. (GF) $8.00
Banjan Borani Roasted eggplant layered with tomato, garlic yogurt and mint. (V, GF) $7.00
Mantu Steamed ground beef dumplings topped with lentils and garlic-mint yogurt sauce. $5.00
Aushak Steamed leek spinach dumplings topped withtomato and beans, garlic mint yogurt sauce. (Nut Free) $4.50
Sabzi Sautéed spinach and red beans with fresh herbs and spices. (Vegan, GF) $4.50
Torshana chicken cooked with apricots, prunes, wholealmonds and a spiced basmati rice. $9.00
Biryani Spiced basmati rice with chicken, vermicelli, vegetables, golden raisins & toasted almonds. $8.00
Temen Bagilah Seven spiced basmati rice with lima beans and dill. (Vegan, GF) $7.00
Tepsi Baytenjan Roasted eggplant, potatoes, and peppers in a tomato sauce. (Vegan, GF) $8.00
Fasuliya White bean & tomato stew. Served with rice or pita. (GF, Vegan) $7.00

Sanctuary Kitchen Catering Sampler