Oh, Snap! We’ve got peas! You can find plenty of sugar snaps at all of our markets.
Some vendors, such as Hindinger Farms, even have shelling peas!  Versatile snap peas
are rich in vitamin C and fiber, and can be eaten raw as a delicious crunchy snack or
crudite or tossed in stir fries.  Snap pea season is short and will be ending soon — so
don’t miss you chance to PEAS your taste buds with some delicious sugar snaps!

Summer is heating up which means it’s time for refreshing dishes that are tasty and
keep you feeling cool. Check out these 13 Sugar Snap Pea Recipes You Need To Try
This Season

Downtown Farmers Market Vendor Listing July 11, 2018

Fair Haven Farmers Market Vendor Listing July 12, 2018

Wooster Square Farmers Market Vendor Listing July 14, 2018

Edgewood Park Farmers Market Vendor Listing July 15, 2018

From July 1 through October 31, 2018, CitySeed will double the value of Senior FNMP checks at all CitySeed Markets.  This program is funded by the 2018 Senior Produce and Honey Extra Redemption Endorsement (SPHERE) grant that CitySeed was awarded by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture in May of this year.  Please visit the CitySeed information tent for more information.

All CitySeed Farmers’ Markets accept Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP), Senior FMNP, and SNAP (food stamp) benefits. CitySeed offers a Double Value Program, a nutrition incentive that enables SNAP recipients to double their money, dollar for dollar, at all CitySeed Markets and Mobile Market – up to $10 buys $20 of CT-grown fruit, vegetables, seedlings, or canned fruits and vegetables at each market each week. Please visit the CitySeed information tent for more information.