Coco Tamale is at the Market this week! One of CitySeed’s brand new market vendors
brings unique tamales with lots of flavor. Chef Robin Bodak’s inspired tamales are
astounding and impressively accommodating — market-goers can choose from mild
or spicy; vegetarian, vegan, or meat; savory or sweet; and frozen or eat-on-the-spot
gourmet tamales! For more about Coco Tamale, check out the Vendor Spotlight, below.

Coco Tamale  

We interviewed Chef Robin to find out more about her delicious Tamale Business! 

How did your business get started/How did you first get started?
My business started out of necessity — after 15 years of working as a chef I started my business to help pay for the cost of my sons college tuition.
What’s unique about your product?
What I believe to be most unique about my product is that it is totally gluten free & can be made vegetarian & vegan.
What’s the story behind your business name?
I had a catering business called Coco Catering and transitioned to Coco Tamale when I began to focus on tamales only.
What is your favorite product?
It is hard to pick a favorite and it changes for me….but at the moment my favorite tamale is a Hibiscus, Lime with Blueberry Lavender Jam & Sweet Cheese.
Tell us about your use of local ingredients.
I have always sourced my veggies, fruits & herbs from the farmers at the CitySeed market as well from River View Farm and gardens of coworkers and friends. I truly am inspired from the ingredients that I find and it helps me create unique flavored tamales.
What do you like to do when you have spare time?
I don’t have much spare time as I am currently opening a restaurant in New Haven with 2 partners as well as being the executive chef of Big Green Truck Pizza & running my tamale business – but when I am able to take a break it usually involves destination dining.
What’s one thing you want everyone to know about your business?
My business is nothing without the support of my workmates, customers and farmers. I am so thankful for the support I have received for everyone.
 What are the best and hardest things about being in this industry?
The best thing is all the people I have met along the way, sharing in their lives and having my food be a part of their families celebrations and traditions. The industry can be hard but I believe you need to be the change you want to see….small steps, create a positive and supportive environment for those around you.