CitySeed’s Sanctuary Kitchen

Sanctuary Kitchen is a program developed in 2017 by CitySeed in partnership with a network of community volunteers. It was conceived as a natural next step for CitySeed’s licensed, commercial kitchen space that was launched in 2016 with the vision of joyfully building culture and community through education and entrepreneurship.

Sanctuary Kitchen’s objective is to promote and celebrate the culinary traditions, cultures, and stories of refugees resettled in Connecticut, while providing them with economically viable culinary opportunities that have personal income potential. Sanctuary Kitchen hosts a series of events, including cooking classes, demonstrations and supper clubs, led by cooks from various countries and in collaboration with several local organizations. Sanctuary Kitchen also piloted a food business incubator this year to support a group of refugee food entrepreneurs. The work of Sanctuary Kitchen continues to evolve as interest, participation, and fundraising for the program grows.

Please click here for more information about Sanctuary Kitchen and to sign up for an event.

The Bridge Between Iraq and Connecticut?  Cooking.
New York Times Video, August 20, 2017

To counter a narrative of fear about refugees, a community
in New Haven breaks bread — quite literally — with their new
neighbor Zainab, an Iraqi cook.