How to get your knives sharpened at CitySeed this spring with Sharper Harper

Instructions from Harper:

We will be in New Haven this coming Saturday (5/23) to collect knives, and again the following Saturday (5/30) to return them.

  • Sign up for a time slot with CitySeed. The market is using a pre-order system with assigned times to limit how many customers are in the market at a one time.
  • Come to the market at your assigned time with your knives securely wrapped (burrito-style in a towel works well), and clearly labeled with your name, email, and phone number.
  • I’ll be there, behind a table barrier, wearing a mask and gloves, to collect your knives.
  • During the week, I will sanitize, sharpen, and re-wrap all
    the knives.
  • Also during the week I’ll contact you with the exact price so you can either pay me ahead of time with a cashless service like venmo* or paypal**, or bring exact change or a check to the market.
  • The following week, 5/30, I’ll be at the market again to return your knives and collect payment, if you haven’t paid already.
  • If you are unable to return the second week, or have more knives that you’d like to leave with me, let me know and I can mail them back for an additional charge.

Contact me at with any questions.  Hope to see you soon, and thanks for your patience!

*venmo id: @Harper-Keehn

**paypal id: