Jim Bishop from Colton’s Corner takes a lot of pride in his apples and pears. If you are fortunate enough
to see him at one of the several farmers’ markets where he sells them, you’ll find a number immaculate
varieties, all laid out in beautiful old wooden crates that Jim maintains by hand.
Colton’s Corner is an apple and pear orchard located on about 25 acres in Cheshire, CT. The orchard has
500 to 600 trees and has been in his family for 43 years. Everyone in the family helps with the orchard,
especially Jim’s wife who assists with the apple harvest and is a major contributor in managing their business.
Jim’s admiration for his wife is very strong and he will gladly admit that “she is the heart of this operation.”
Jim is passionate about providing good quality for a reasonable price. He takes pride in his products and loves
the interactions that come along with selling it. Jim’s favorite part of the job is interacting with people. He loves
being able to connect and laugh with his customers.
Colton’s Corner sells a number of varieties of apples, many of which you can’t find just anywhere.
This season’s varieties will include macoun, cortland, macintosh, empire, northern spy, and jonagold,
just to name a few!
Visit Colton’s Corner at our Downtown, Wooster Square and Edgewood Park Farmers Markets and Jim will help you
find just the apple you’re looking for.