In line with our mission, CitySeed’s Food Business Incubation programming is designed to help build a more equitable local food system in the New Haven area that supports economic development, community development and sustainable agriculture.  We aim to support small food business incubation in New Haven by providing training, resources and licensed food preparation space for local food entrepreneurs.  Our focus is on reducing barriers to food entrepreneurship among chefs from New Haven’s diverse communities, many of whom are refugees, immigrants and people of color, while promoting their cultural heritage and stories.

Food Business Accelerator

The Food Business Accelerator by CitySeed and Collab is a statewide accelerator for Connecticut early stage food entrepreneurs.

The aim of the Food Business Accelerator is to remove barriers to food entrepreneurship across the state of Connecticut through training, network-building, and access to resources. We work to create economic opportunity for all, increase leadership by people-of-color and immigrant food entrepreneurs, and strengthen our local food system by linking rising food entrepreneurs and farmers.  We are seeking food entrepreneurs who have recently launched or are working toward launching a food business (such as a food truck, catering company, or food product line).

This 12-session training program is offered once a year in the fall and is open to early stage food businesses.  Click here for more information on the Food Business Accelerator and how to apply.

Food Business Incubation

Our Food Business Incubation services give small businesses the opportunity to grow by providing access to affordable commercial kitchen space and a network of food entrepreneurs who can share learning with each other.  CitySeed also offers basic food business advisory services to these small businesses, including walking them through the necessary steps to gain proper licensing, insurance and food safety certification.

Food Business Incubation services are available for small businesses year-round.  Small business owners have access to commercial kitchen space at a low rate, some dry storage, temporary cold storage around events, a network of food entrepreneurs and resources, and one-on-one basic food business advising by CitySeed staff including: food safety certification, licensing, insurance, City of New Haven resources, Farmers Markets, other wholesale/retail markets, sourcing food product locally or regionally and packaging.

 Kitchen Rental Rates for Food Business Incubation

CitySeed operate a shared-used commercial kitchen spaces at 817 Grand Avenue in New Haven.

Please note that a $100 security deposit is required to cover any potential damage.
Business incubation hours must include set-up and clean-up time.  Thorough clean-up is required after each use.

1-10 hours per month       $22/hour
11-30 hours per month     $20/hour
31-60 hours per month     $18/hour
60+ hours per month        $16/hour

Dry shelf                               $25/month
Fridge shelf                          $45/month
Freezer shelf                        $55/month

 Kitchen Equipment List

Convection oven (817 Grand, 520 Whalley)
Ceramic-top electric stove & double oven (817 Grand)
Charcoal filter fan over stove (817 Grand)
Commercial ovens (520 Whalley, 57 Olive)
8-burner electric stove top (57 Olive)
6-burner gas stove top & French top (520 Whalley)
Hand washing sink
Dishwasher with sanitize cycle (817 Grand)
Three-bay sink (520 Whalley, 57 Olive)
Food processors

Pots and pans (small, mid-size, large)
Cutting boards
Basic cooking utensils and tools
Mixing bowls and strainers
Microwave (817 Grand)
Kitchen Aid mixers
Walk-in refrigerator (520 Whalley)
Reach-in refrigerators (817 Grand, 57 Olive)
Reach-in freezer (817 Grand, 57 Olive)
Speed rack & half-size sheet pans (817 Grand)

In your application, please indicate which equipment you are interested in, noting that some equipment is kitchen-specific. You may email to discuss.

To apply for/inquire about Food Business Incubation, please complete this form:

Food Business Incubation/Event Request