Congratulations, Quynh, on your appointment to USAID! 

On behalf of the Sanctuary Kitchen team and CitySeed community, we are so proud to announce that Quynh Tran has been selected for a political appointment in the Biden-Harris administration as Senior Communications Advisor at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). This prestigious appointment recognizes Quynh’s decade of experience in advocacy and politics, and we know she will thrive in her new role driving change on a global scale. 

We will wholeheartedly miss Quynh’s leadership and passion as Sanctuary Kitchen’s Program Director. She brought a unique combination of strategy, compassion, warmth, and authenticity to her role. We know Quynh will be an invaluable addition to USAID, and we are proud that the federal government is gaining such a dedicated and passionate new civil servant. 

“Working with the CitySeed team and Sanctuary Kitchen chefs has been a pleasure and an honor. I am grateful to have been a part of CitySeed’s mission to build an equitable food system. Coming from a refugee family, the work Sanctuary Kitchen does to welcome immigrant and refugee chefs to the community is invaluable and I cannot wait to watch as the program and chefs grow.”

Congratulations, Quynh! Thank you for your leadership of Sanctuary Kitchen, and your service to our country. We’ll be cheering you on from New Haven!