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Celebrate Nowruz with Sanctuary Kitchen! Pick up a cooking kit & make delicious Persian dishes that mark the beginning of Spring! Get your tickets before it’s too late!
Celebrate Nowruz with Sanctuary Kitchen! Nowruz, or “new day” in Farsi, is an ancient festival that marks the beginning of spring and celebrates the rebirth of nature. Chef Dariush Rose, a refugee from Iran and chef-owner of Green Leaf Catering, will share the significance Nowruz and of the ceremonial table known as the haftseen, and provide a cooking demonstration of his Iranian delicacies, Kuku Sabzi (a herb frittata) and Shirini Kishmishi (raisin cookies).
Pick up a cooking ingredient kit from Sanctuary Kitchen and cook along with Chef Dariush from home, and learn about his culinary background and inspiration, and his experience as a refugee in Connecticut.

Chef Dariush Rose:

As long as I remember, from the age of 9, I began to cook on those old cookers that had three wicks for my Grandma who was diabetic and couldn’t walk. Obviously I wasn’t a pro, but my Granny told me what to do step by step, when to add the appropriate spices, etc. Cooking has been an enjoyable activity for me ever since. Read more here.

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