We sat down with Jessica & Stephania to hear more about The Drunk Alpaca,
one of our newest guest vendors at the Winter Farmers Market!

1. How did your business get started?
We worked together at a natural food store and decided we wanted to branch out on our own. We felt that we had a lot of creative ideas so we went for it.
2. What’s unique about your product?
We use local brewery beers in many of our products combined with local produce, cheese, eggs and honey when possible.
3. What’s the story behind your business name?
While we were out having margaritas we were talking about Jessica’s family’s alpaca farm and one of us started calling our bakery plans “The Drunk Alpaca” as a joke. But then the name grew on us. We thought it was quirky and memorable so we went with it.
4. What is your favorite product?
Jessica — the Malted Pretzel Crunch
Stephania — the beer-infused caramel popcorn
5. Tell us about your use of local ingredients.
We use a number of local beers and local produce from a variety of breweries and farms in Fairfield and New Haven counties — anything from stouts to carrots to ricotta cheese.
6. What do you like to do when you have spare time?
Stephania — I like spending time with my dog and weaving dream catchers and drinking great beer!
Jessica — I like hanging out with my 3 year old son and husband at the beach and drinking great beer!
7. What’s one thing you want everyone to know about your business?
We love doing business with local people. Getting to know them and hear their stories about their products is what makes our products even better.
8. What are the best and hardest things about being in this industry?
Best — access to great beer and food. Hardest — restrictions that weather puts on the markets.  Rain in the summer, blizzards in the winter.

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