CitySeed has received a grant from the CT Department of Agriculture
that allows us to double the value of Senior Farmers Market Nutrition
Program (SFMNP) checks at all of our markets this year!

If you receive SFMNP, here’s how to double the value of your checks at our markets:

Stop by the CitySeed tent BEFORE spending your checks. At the CitySeed tent you will receive a dated doubling voucher for each check that you plan to use that day.  Feel free to take a look at what vendors are offering to get a sense of how much you plan to spend, because these vouchers are only good for the day they are issued.  Remember that both vouchers and checks can only be used to buy fresh fruit, vegetables and honey.

Once you’ve gotten your vouchers from the CitySeed tent, take your checks and doubling vouchers to the vendor and spend them TOGETHER. Doubling vouchers cannot be used alone, they must be  used with your 2018 checks. At the time of the purchase you must sign BOTH the check and the voucher. We will be issuing doubling vouchers until all have been used.