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At CitySeed Incubates, we are dedicated to breaking down barriers and fostering economic opportunities for aspiring food entrepreneurs in New Haven, Connecticut.

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CitySeed Incubates aims to create a more inclusive and robust local food system by supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds, including people of color, immigrants, and those facing limited resources. By connecting rising food entrepreneurs with farmers and providing valuable resources, we help them build and grow successful and viable food businesses.

Support We Offer

Shared-Use Commercial Kitchen Space

We provide affordable access to fully equipped commercial kitchen facilities, enabling entrepreneurs to bring their culinary visions to life without the burden of high rental costs.

Personalized Advising

Our team offers one-on-one guidance on critical aspects of your entrepreneurial journey, including licensing, permitting, insurance, product development, and menu creation. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Food Business Accelerator (FBA)

In collaboration with Collab, we offer a 12-week program designed to empower early-stage food entrepreneurs. This intensive program provides comprehensive support and guidance to help participants establish a strong foundation for their businesses.

Resource Database

Access our digital database, featuring informative infographics and guides that cover various aspects of business development. This invaluable resource will aid you in navigating the entrepreneurial journey.

Networking and Mentorship

Join a vibrant community of fellow entrepreneurs and mentors. Through our monthly newsletter, you’ll gain access to resources, funding opportunities, and other valuable connections.

Webinars and Workshops

Enhance your business skills through our engaging webinars and workshops on essential topics like marketing, branding, business planning, and accounting.

CitySeed Farmers Markets

Showcase your products and connect directly with consumers by participating in Farmers Markets. This platform provides an excellent opportunity for exposure and sales.

Promotion and Exposure

We actively promote CitySeed Incubates ventures through pop-up events, Farmers Market showcases, and engaging social media features. We are committed to helping you reach new audiences to grow your customer base.

Incubates Advisory Committee

Gain access to our advisory committee, dedicated to amplifying the work of BIPOC and women-owned food businesses within our extensive entrepreneurial network. This committee also supports the ongoing development and sustainability of our Incubates program offerings.

Our Ventures

CitySeed Incubates partners with early-stage food entrepreneurs in New Haven, focusing on those who have faced marginalization and barriers in accessing resources for starting their food businesses. We work with the following types of ventures:

  • Catering Businesses: Entrepreneurs who specialize in preparing meals for large gatherings and social functions.
  • Mobile Vendors: Food trucks and food carts that offer delicious cuisine for direct sale.
  • Food Product Developers: Manufacturers who create packaged product lines such as jams, hot sauce, frozen empanadas, and more.
  • Chefs: Culinary professionals seeking to develop their own product lines.
  • Farmers: Farmers looking to diversify their offerings by creating value-added products or generating additional revenue streams.

Join the Incubates Network

Incubation Kitchen or Commercial Kitchen Space

Need a commercial kitchen for your food prep, baking, catering, or storage needs? We manage two kitchens, at 197 Dixwell Avenue and 86 Spring Street. 

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Book a virtual session with our dedicated team to explore how CitySeed Incubates can help you achieve your goals.

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Apply for ServSafe

We offer annual ServSafe (Food Safety) classes and certification to ensure that your food business meets the highest standards of safety and sanitation.

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Our Sponsors

Thank you to our generous sponsors and funders that support CitySeed Incubates food entrepreneurship programming, including:

The United States Department of Agriculture Healthy Food Financing Initiative
The Wells Fargo Foundation
The TD Bank Charitable Foundation
The Liberty Bank Foundation
The Coville Triest Family Foundation
Farm to Institution New England (FINE).