Huge lovers and advocates of local, The Caseus Cheese Truck is a mobile kitchen that drives the streets of New Haven selling grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, and more! We sat down with Tom to find out more about the truck and their amazing use of local ingredients (which happens at the Caseus Fromagerie & Bistro, too!)

1. How did your business get started?

Caseus was founded in 2008 by Jason Sobocinski after he worked for Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge, MA. In 2010, joined by brother Tom Sobocinski they decided to launch The Cheese Truck.

2. What’s unique about your product?
The Cheese Truck features local products, Whole G bread and market toppings, and brings Caseus’ cheesiness to the streets.

3. What’s the story behind your business name?
Caseus is the Latin work for cheese, or coagulated curds of whey.

4. What is your favorite product?

Tom’s personal favorite is our classic grilled cheese with Truelove Farms bacon and local jalepenos (when possible!)

5. Tell us about your use of local ingredients.
Every trip to the Market we find a local ingredient to put on our “special of the day.” Sometimes its a local jam, local eggs, braised greens – really anything that can go on a grilled cheese!

6. What are the best and hardest things about being in this industry?
The seasonality is hard on a food truck, especially with cold weather. This time of year we love visiting the Winter Market and while local toppings can be limited, we still find some great stuff. This time of year we visit vendors who have canned summer products (like jam!) or sometimes get lucky with winter greens. We can’t wait for summer tomatoes to return!

Follow them around town here!