Beltane Farm 
We sat down with Paul from Beltane Farm to learn more about Spring on the farm and their delicious goat cheeses! 
1. How did you first get into farming?
I started farming because I really loved goats and had always wanted to raise them
2. Describe daily life as a farmer.
Daily life is farily routine- milking – hearding the goats- making cheese pm milking  and then anything that comes up in between like a goat giving birth, machinery problem – getting orders out.  It’s a full day of rituals in a way that change with the seaosns
3. What’s unique about your farm?
I think what is unique is the fact that the goats  and other animals are present always at the farm- retirees  roam leisurely around the yard. It’s a great team of people working here and it feels like one big group project
4. What’s the story behind your farm’s name?
Beltane is the celtic may day which marked the beginning of summer and the return of the green. We bought the farm on May first. Fresh cheeses are a traditional part of Beltane celebrations after the successful kidding and lambing season of earlier spring.. Names and celebrations around the farm are based on more of an earth based seasonal calendar which makes the name fitting.
5. Tell me about Spring on your farm. 
Spring starts at the end of February when baby goats start arriving and March is a month of  many many births as the herd comes back into milk.  Lots of baby goats. Its like  hitting the ground running after the restful winter.
6. What is your favorite recipe/favorite product?
Right now my favorite product is our goat milk yogurt which is strained like a greek style yogurt. It is nothing but yogurt and when a bit of maple syrup is added to it becomes a lot like a Sunday. I love it for dessert.
7. What do you like to do when you have spare time?
I like to cook and read when I have spare time – Usually this happens in the winter.
8. What’s one thing you want everyone to know about your farm?
I think it is how well the goats are treated and how important our partnership is with the goats.  It all starts there.
9. What are the best and hardest things about being in this industry?
The best thing about farming is that I  enjoy the connection to the earth and the animals and the seasons. I find it very fulfilling. The worst part is that margins are always really tight and finances require constant discipline. It also is verymhard to get away to visit family or to travel.
Find Beltane Farm at the Wooster Square Farmers Market every Saturday, 9am-1pm.