All five of CitySeed’s farmers’ markets accept FMNP, Senior FMNP coupons, WIC CVV and SNAP(food stamps) benefits. In 2004, CitySeed was the first farmers’ market in the state of Connecticut to accept SNAP benefits on the new EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) card. Before that, SNAP benefits were called Food Stamps and were actually paper scrip. We have helped markets across the state with advice and best practices in accepting SNAP benefits and creating systems for tracking redemption which led to our Golden Grocer Award from the USDA in 2007 for outstanding achievement and exemplary service to participants in the USDA’s Food Stamp Program. Most recently, CitySeed created the SNAP at Farmers’ Markets: Four Case Studies from Connecticut on the Farmers Market Resource Center found at www.buyCTgrown.com which highlights best practices of SNAP redemption at four markets in Connecticut and provides recommendations for better SNAP outreach and redemption at markets.

Double Value for SNAP! In partnership with Wholesome Wave, CitySeed offers double value for SNAP (food stamps) at all five of its markets. Use SNAP on any SNAP eligible products at the CitySeed Farmers’ Markets, and CitySeed will match up to $10 per day, solely for additional fruits, vegetables, and seedlings! See the market information table for more information.